A Little Bit About Best Price Appliances

Appliance Care Tips

Vibrating Noise:

  • Have all shipping bolts and packing been removed?
  • Wash load may be unevenly distributed in the drum.
  • Are all the feet resting firmly on the floor?
  • Is washer installed on a pedestal, or stacked with the dryer?
  • See installation instructions for removing shipping bolts
  • Stop washer and rearrange wash load
  • Adjust the leveling feet.
  • Make sure all four feet are in firm contact with the floor. Adjust the leveling feet, if necessary.

Leaking Water: 

Have you checked the following list?

  • Too much detergent used or sudsing in tub?
  • Water lines or drain hose connector are loose.
  • Pump filter cap or drain plus is loose.
  • Poor seal between the door seal and door glass.
  • Run one cycle without detergent. Use less detergent.
  • Tighten the inlet/drain hose connector securely
  • Tighten the pump filter cap or drain plug securely
  • Clean the door seal lip & door glass

Musty or Mildewy odor in washer

  • Incorrect type or quantity of detergent used.
  • Inside of tub not cleaned properly
  • Use one HE (High-Efficiency) detergent.
  • Perform the tub clean cycle regularly.  Be sure to wipe around and under the door seal frequently.